Hello, my name is William de Louw, besides running a casa rural I am a painter. I exhibit my paintings under the name; “estudio/atelier William de Louw”. I studied for 7 years at the Academy of Fine Arts in Arendonk, Belgium. The first 5 years I followed the general painting course and I completed it well. Then I continued my studies by specializing. During my specialization I was able to focus on developing my own style. I completed the specialization with a nice certificate that congratulates me on my enthusiasm and my hard work in my search for my own style.

I master a multitude of techniques and work with different materials. However, I prefer to work with oil paint. The possibilities with oil paint are limitless, you can certainly see this in my works.

In addition to my preference for oil painting, I also have a preference for painting children. The attitude and spontaneity of children fascinate me enormously and are a source of inspiration for much of my work. In many of my works you can see the children of my nieces.

In addition to working with brushes and brushes, I also like to work with a palette knife, which makes the work more robust. I also find it interesting to abstract the whole, which gives an extra dimension to my paintings.

Another technique, making collages and then working with paint, brush and palette knife gives an exciting demonstration of multiple techniques in one work. The result is captivating and lively.